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Course Requests: 7-12th Grades

Course Request Instructions:

When you are registered, we need to know the online classes you want to take from us.

Pick the online “Course Request” form for your grade and complete it:

7-8 Grade Course Request               9-12 Grade Course Requests



Taking Classes at Your Boundary School or In-Person

Students have the option of being enrolled with either their boundary (or variance-approved) school and taking some online classes there OR they can choose to enroll with Morgan Online and take some in-person classes through their local school. It’s good to decide which option is best for the student.

  • For instance, students who want to be involved with extracurricular activities at their boundary school may choose to enroll in their boundary school.
  • A student who likes working primarily online and is not involved in extracurricular activities might find it best to enroll at Morgan Online.
  • Seniors should enroll in the school they want to graduate from. (Students who graduate through Morgan Online will be able to attend Morgan High School’s graduation.

If you are enrolled at Morgan Online and wish to also take in-person classes at your boundary school, you will need to contact the counselors there in order to enroll.


If you have any questions please contact Katie Stokes at