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Unenroll from Morgan Online

Unenroll from Morgan Online School

We ask that all students enrolled with Morgan Online commit to attend for the school year, or at the least one entire term.
If there is a emergency situation to unenroll mid-term, please contact Morgan Online administration. It's important to remember that a mid-term school enrollment change may affect student grades.

If a parent plans to unenroll a student from Morgan Online at term end, they must notify Morgan Online administration one week prior to the end of the term. Parents must also contact the boundary school to complete registration requirements, before the new term starts.

2021/ 2022 Term End Dates
First Term Ends - October 29th, 2021 (notify schools by Oct. 22)
Second Term Ends- January 14th, 2022 (notify schools by Jan. 7)
Third Term Ends- March 18th, 2022 (notify schools by Mar. 11)

Process to Unenroll

 Notify Morgan Online and the boundary school one week prior to the end of the term.

Contact Morgan Online at: 
801-441-7353 or

Students will be unenrolled the last day of the term (for grading purposes) and start at their boundary school the first day of the new term. Please understand all registration requirements must be completed at the boundary school for the enrollment change to take place.